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Wednesday January 16, 2019

Colin Nemchik (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
30 min AMRAP
5 sled pull/ push 180/125#
* 20 KB push press 53/35
5 farmers carries 70/ 53#
* 500m row
20 axle deadlifts 255/ 175#
* 20 burpee box overs 40"
5 Husafell carries 150/100#
* 50 GHDSU
Barbarian of the Month WOD

You can do these in which ever order you want. The movement with the asterix is attached to the above movement and must be done together.
Reminder that when Utica Schools close due to bad road conditions (snow/ icy roads) so does the gym. If roads clear up as the day goes on we'll open up for the night classes, you'll get an email if we close and if we will reopen.

We are supposed to be getting some freezing rain so be safe out there in the morning driving. So those of you that are going to class in the morning be sure to check if Utica Schools have closed or not before you leave.

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