Success Stories

If We Can Do It, Anyone Can

We are both busy professionals.  Dan is an Attorney (running his own law firm) and I'm a Doctor of Pharmacy (cardiology specialist) working for a pharmaceutical company doing medical education/research. We have 3 kids (ages 5 1/2, 4 and 2).  Life is a little crazy (understatement).  Before we had kids, we traveled the world.  We LOVED hiking.  We loved "working out" (it shouldn't be called working out when compared to CrossFit, but there's n...

My Kids Challenged Me And I Accepted

Approximately 1 year ago this month (March '16), I began my crossfit workouts.   My children had worked out at Barbarian Crossfit for a couple summers prior.  They loved coming home and telling me what they did and what a good workout it was.   However, they always ended that conversation with, “you could never do it”!!  The challenge was on! I was a college athlete and always worked out until I turned 40!  This was the time when my k...

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